Method of Statements
SN Description of Method of Statement No of Revisions Name of Major Work Remarks
1 treatment of Foundation 4 Foundation/Grouting/anchoing
2 Curtain grouting 10 Foundation/Grouting
3 Consolidation grouting 12 Foundation/Grouting
4 Method Statement for Saddle Dam foundation works 2 Saddle Dam-1
5 cofferdam method statement 1 NA
6 Construction Sequence of Main Dam (CFRD) 1 Dam Body overall
7 Construction Methology for installation of anchors in plinth 1 Plinth
8 Construction methodology of face slab and plinth 4 Face Slab
9 Design Notes and Copper Water Stop Brazing Methodology 2 Perimetric Joint
10 Method Statement for the Constructin of External Plinth and Perimeter Joint 2 Plinth
11 Method Statement for Construction of Starter Slab of CFRD 1 Face Slab